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Zion National Park 2017

Follow me on a journey thought Zion National Park. This park is by far the most spectacular place I have ever been. Full of Gods amazing glory Zion National Park is a testament to the power of nature. As many of you know I have the dream/goal of visiting 10 national parks this year. On…

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My Experience Walking the Hollywood Red Carpet

*I am part of the #ChristopherRobinEvent press tour. This post is a Disney partnered post. All opinions are my own. This July, Disney & Marvel Studios invited me to Los Angeles for a press trip. The most exciting portion of this trip was being able to walk the red carpet for the Christopher Robin Premiere….

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Minimalist Tiny Home

minimalism tiny house boho chic

This is a video tour of a tiny bohemian home where my family of 4 lives all year round. It is 850 sq ft and located in gorgeous Miami Beach. After filming my last apartment tour and hearing the feedback from it, I realized I needed to film a tour of my new apartment. I…

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What to See and Do in London

london eye

London, England is one of the most historic and beautiful cities in the world. You can stroll on cobblestone that is older than America. You can take in one of the most diverse skylines with castle spheres constructed in 1300 beside a sleek modern steel building constructed just last year. It’s a blend of cultures…

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How to become a Minimalist – 5 steps for success

minimalist bedroom

Minimalism is a journey. But this is a journey that for many has a beginning and no real ending. The simple fact still remains that we accumulate “stuff” without even trying. Something from a coworker, a souvenir cup from the movie theatre, or an impulse buy that really had no specific purpose other than cool….

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About Me | Meg Harrell

About Me | Meg Harrell

Welcome to a kind & peaceful corner of the Internet!
Everyone is Welcome!
Meg is here to provide entertaining content that will inspire you.

She is a Minimalist Tiny House livin', Registered Nurse x 10yrs, Movie Critic, Travel Writer, Part-time Vegan, Disney Expert, and all around Free Spirit who just wants to make you laugh.

"I hope my honest writing helps you live life more extraordinary, whether at home or as you explore every corner of this beautiful earth."

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